We endeavor to create a warm and homely environment, which is non-institutional and where we try as much as the individual clients allow us, to allow them as much choice as possible in participating in their day. We are flexible in providing our care and in our daily planning.

We have an open front door for visitors, we encourage and remind friends and relatives that this is their relative or friends home and should be treated like so, therefore they are welcome to visit anytime they wish.

The front door is unable to be opened from the inside unless a code is placed on the door to open it, therefore this helps ensures the safety of our residents.

Staff wear uniform to enable and assist our residents to help identify them.

All our food is freshly prepared each day and the produce used is of a high quality, our vegetables are supplied from a local farm and our meat is supplied from a local butcher who supplies us with the Finest Scottish meat

All diets are catered for, relatives are free to join us for lunch if they wish, the kettle is always on and hot beverages are readily available for both residents and their visitors.

Drinks hot and cold are available all day as are snacks/sandwiches.

Social Activities

We have regular activities within our homes, we have Entertainers who come in every week as well as a Professional Acting Troupe who come to us 4 times per year and put on a “show” for us, we also have a dedicated activity person who comes in and provides stimulating activities e.g. Exercise to music, Reminiscence therapy, as well as other activities carried out by staff.

We have a Hairdresser who comes to our homes every week.

We have a Chiropodist who comes to our homes every 6-8 weeks.

Residents spiritual needs are not forgotten, local clergy visit our homes regularly and where possible residents can attend local services.

Health and Social Service arrangements

Clients can if their GPs agree continue to be registered with them.

They will continue under the care of their Psychiatrist and the local Community Mental health Team unless they are discharged from their caseload. (This includes Social Services)

If Clients are required to attend Hospital appointments it is normally the responsibility of the family to arrange transportation.